Transforming lives, building communities

At First Community Capital, our success is not measured solely in financial terms; it's defined by the positive impact we make on individuals and communities. We take pride in the transformative journeys we've been a part of, each one illustrating the power of economic justice and opportunity. Here's a glimpse into our impact.

Our growing impact

Technical Assistance Over 2500 hours


Access to Capital

150 Participants

  • image 80% Minority
  • image 45% Women
  • image 65% Low-income
  • image 20% Unemployed
  • image 10% Disabled

Financial Literacy -
Budget Training

250 Participants

  • image 95% Minority
  • image 75% Women
  • image 60% Hispanic
  • image 45% Black
  • image 80% Low-income

Business Plan

25 Participants

  • image 4 workshops
  • image 85% Minority
  • image 35% Black
  • image 50% Hispanic

Business Served

  • image Pre-start-ups 20%
  • image Start-ups 35%
  • image Existing 45%

Our commitment to impact goes beyond our work; it's a call to action for all who share our vision of a more inclusive and economically just society. Together, we can continue to empower dreams, support small businesses, and build a brighter, more equitable future for all.