First Community Capital actively supports startups and entrepreneurs through financial assistance and mentorship

Our Mission

Our mission is to champion economic justice and opportunity by extending access to affordable capital and technical assistance to economically disadvantaged small businesses and Low – and -Moderate Income Individuals. We place a particular emphasis on businesses owned by BIPOC individuals, including women, veterans, refugees, immigrants, and those impacted by the justice system.

First Community Capital is dedicated to assisting low- and moderate-income individuals and entrepreneurs who may lack the necessary training and education to access capital, thus fostering lasting economic recovery and resiliency. First Community Capital often extends our support to borrowers who may not meet the conventional underwriting criteria of mainstream institutions, effectively bridging the gap between traditional lending standards and the unique needs of hard-to-reach entrepreneurs.

This mission statement reflects a commitment to inclusivity and economic justice, emphasizing the support provided to BIPOC entrepreneurs and individuals from low- and moderate-income backgrounds.


What sets up apart

Commitment to Inclusivity


Enpowering small Businesses


Bridging the gap


Supporting Economic Recovery


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Our approach

We take a holistic approach to financial support. While access to capital is critical, it's not enough on its own. That's why we combine it with technical assistance, mentorship, and educational resources. We're not just a lender; we're a partner on your business journey.

Our History


The year 2023 saw a series of remarkable developments, starting with the award of another Loan Fund for Lending Activities from the Seton Enablement Fund of Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. Additionally, First Community Capital secured another CDFI Technical Assistance (TA) grant and a CDFI Small Dollar Loan (SDL) Grant, further fortifying its mission to empower small businesses and communities.

A significant achievement was reached when First Community Capital extended its support by providing over 100 loans, significantly impacting the lives and businesses of those it serves.



A major achievement in 2022 was the acquisition of the first CDFI Technical Assistance (TA) Grant, further strengthening First Community Capital's commitment to community development and support.

In the same year, First Community Capital received support from the CRC Resilience Fund and became a member of the Cohort of 12 Emerging CDFIs, underlining its commitment to community resilience and development.

October 2022

A significant step was taken with the receipt of Loan Capital from CAMEO through the CAMEO Impact Fund, enhancing First Community Capital's capacity to provide essential loan capital to entrepreneurs.



In the same year, First Community Capital also secured its Lender License from the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) of California, enabling it to expand its reach and services.

June 2021

A significant milestone was achieved when First Community Capital was honored with certification as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) by the US Department of Treasury CDFI Fund.



First Community Capital proudly extended its very first loan, marking the beginning of its mission to support and empower small businesses.

February 2019

First Community Capital was officially established as a non-profit economic development organization with a focus on providing microloans and essential technical assistance.



In Los Angeles, T. Jay Diallo, founder member of First Community Capital, had an influential meeting with Muhammad Yunus, the visionary founder of microfinance. This encounter served as a pivotal moment for strategy discussions and mentorship on how to initiate and implement microfinance.


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